About Us

Mangy Moose Emporium                        Mail/Billing:
3295 village drive,                                 Mangy Moose Retail
Teton Village, WY 83025                        P.O.Box 2679 
PH-(307)734-9665                                Jackson Hole, WY. 83001

Email: mangygoods@gmail.com

www.Mangygoods.com is the online store for the Mangy Moose Emporium in Jackson Hole, WY.

The Mangy Moose Emporium opened it's doors 1994, it was the first store to occupy the new Broadway Shops Building, 1 block from the town square. For well over a decade The Mangy Moose, has been a "must see" store for visitors to the valley.

In Mangy Moose we have not just T-Shirts and Souvenirs, but Unique, Functional, Fun, and Eclectic items into the store and our homes. Since then, the constant flow of merchandise in and out of The Moose, changes the dynamics, something's different, every time you visit. 

The Mangy Moose Emporium is more than souvenirs, it's art, furniture, antiques, rugs, lighting and toys. It's diversity enables the store to appeal to all individuals.